Ten Kendals on, BSP were among many long-time returnees back to celebrate the big anniversary. Festivities climaxed with a big fireworks display by the lake on Sunday night. Before that, the weekend blurred by with Elbow, James, the Super Furry Animals, a ‘though the decades’ dress-up theme, a parade of ‘stags’, sumo suit wrestling, comedy from the likes of Mickey P Kerr and Brendon Burns, Grandmaster Flash, Mr Scruff, a real ale festival, a whole new enchanted arts arena, Tim Burgess’ ongoing adventures at Tim Peaks, dub legend Prince Fatty, grime firecracker Fuse ODG, Northern Soul Dance classes, drawing lessons, Hacienda greats, the one and only Lancashire Hotpots, Soul II Soul, Billy Bragg, actual parkour, a rave for kids, and of course, the notorious Snoop Dogg causing all kinds of fan apprehension after he mistakenly went through the green channel at an Italian airport carrying $400,000 in cash.

What follows are the images that defined Kendal 2015.
We hope you enjoy the memories. After all, you made them.

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And now, with the tenth anniversary over, Andy and Ben and everyone on the team would like to take this moment to say a very special thanks.


“From that first tent-pole climbing high-wire act at Abbot Hall Park in Kendal a decade ago, we never believed it would turn into what it has. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to every single person who has, by coming or contributing, made this festival with us.”


See you in the fields for another ten years.


Photographs by Tom Martin, Scott Salt, Lisa Errico, Benjamin Paul, Ian Taylor, Paul Whiteley, Giulia Spadafora and Amy Weightman.
Words by Gavin Haynes. Web development by Andrew Kendall for Digital Photo Gallery. Art direction by Kris Atomic.